Medrar Studio

Visual Identity: Lana Kurdi

Medrar Studio

To change and to resist means, today, to create and sustain spaces where other possibilities are imaginable. It is therefore necessary to claim and maintain a space where experimentation and the creation of moving images remain possible. We aim to contribute to this goal through our latest project, Medrar Studio. Medrar Studio strives to facilitate the processes of post-production and showcase innovative and alternative moving images, all while reimagining and questioning the ways in which we create these artworks. To continue to produce and showcase alternative moving images means for Medrar to provide the space, tools, and knowledge for new voices to make films in more communal ways that are capable of creating their own audiences.

Medrar Studio is a space that invites independent filmmakers to reflect and innovate on the level of the cinematic form by supporting alternative storytelling. Medrar Studio is a post-production suite equipped with high-end equipment, offering premium and affordable post-production services to independent filmmakers. Furthermore, it is a space that hosts roundtable discussions around contemporary storytelling discourses and facilitates the exchange of knowledge and learning experiences around ground-breaking editing and coloring techniques.

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Roznama is a periodical competition and exhibition for contemporary visual art by young Egyptians 

The competition’s objective is to encourage creative contemporary art works that are different from the orthodox forms taught at art academies. This is achieved by providing a space for experimentation, research, mixed media, and multimedia production. Roznama also takes an interest in traditional art forms, such as painting, sculpting, and avant-garde photography. Roznama aspires to become a platform that presents distinguished art works, introducing artists from Egypt and supporting them by all possible means.

Medrar TV

Bridging the gap between the public and artistic practitioners of various disciplines, Medrar.TV is a web-based channel that documents and puts forward visual content covering Egypt’s independent art scene, which usually stays hidden in organizations’ documentation archives. Coverage includes exhibition openings, festivals, performances, concerts, workshops, artists’ studio visits, and various interviews. With a focus on delivering this content in Arabic, Medrar.TV’s main purpose is to make art more accessible to a wider audience. The channel has been broadcasting episodes since February 2012.

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Cairo Video Festival

 Video Art & Experimental Films 

The Cairo Video Festival is a platform to start a conversation between video artists, curators, and the public and a space for artists to showcase their innovative, low-budget video art productions that are selected according to quality, authenticity, and conviction in their investigation of subject matter.

Through ten days of screenings, artist talks, and discussions, the Cairo Video Festival fosters this growing public interest in new media production and experimentation to expose audiences to artists and concepts from around the world.

The festival is Medrar’s first contribution to the art scene in 2005 and is the project through which Medrar was later established. It started as a collective of visual artists who were experimenting with a new medium and took initiative to establish themselves as the space in which their works, along with works from all over the world, would be shown in the heart of this vigorous city.


MedRX is moving in, scrapping its claws, expanding our perception of our surroundings and selves, propelling into new mediums and spaces while translating them into ones of understanding and awareness. It is a site of extensive and diversified experimentation through multi-dimensional and multi-sensory approaches. The new umbrella project at Medrar for Contemporary Art houses diverse activities that open realms beyond our current reality. 

Powered by its tardigrades, ancient microorganisms that have survived in the most hostile environments, the project unlocks the flood gates to a new world of alternative possibilities. 

MedRX tardigrades can withstand extremely high and low temperatures, endure oxygen deprivation and exposure to radiation; resilient, indestructible, and adaptable. They have travelled to different habitats and set the record as the only living organisms who can survive in outer space. As they float in their transparent shells to unknowns beyond our geological planes, they propel us into parallel realities, realms where our visual and sensorial perception is/transformed.

The capacities of immersive media to artistically and creatively translate space, place, and evoke empathy and care for areas of concern and communities of practice are foregrounded. MedRX is a long-term program that champions the creation of counter-narratives that reimagine our world and alter our understanding of global and local matters. Sprouting from the cooperative principles and progressive objectives of accessibility in digital fields nurtured by the Open Lab Egypt (OLE) project from 2009 to 2014, MedRX expands through the ideals of dynamic interactions, communication, and collaboration within the XR context. 

MedRX provides unique interactive, participatory experiences and alternative spaces of experimentation for artists, audiences, and cultural practitioners to develop local knowledge in the field and provide artists and art practitioners with opportunities to explore, develop and showcase their XR projects.  It strives to bridge the gap between alternative artistic research and production by facilitating and developing labs, workshops, exchanges, lectures, exhibitions, and events.It integrates new media, immersive technologies, extended realities that span virtual, augmented, and mixed reality, creative coding and digitronic arts with a multitude of visual and auditory artistic practices.  These components are linked to one another to build a sustainable ecosystem of digital art production and technologies.

MedRX WORKSPACE provides a comprehensive range of devices needed for working with immersive technology and the post-production process of artistic outcomes.  A space equipped with high-end graphics PCs, computing facilities, VR Headsets, including Oculus headsets, HTC Vive, 360/3D cameras, spatial audio recorders, various microcontrollers, sensors, and actuators, other immersive technology, and post-production software and programs. MedRX opens its workspace  to all artists, cultural practitioners, and creators from different disciplines interested in enriching their artistic practices by experimenting with cutting-edge technologies and reflecting on what possibilities emerge from this intersection. It seeks to connect peers, experts, and amateurs from various digital, visual and multidisciplinary arts to create a collaborative environment with diverse audiences, curators, researchers, programmers, designers, and engineers.