Medrar For Contemporary Art

15 March 2022 - 17 March 2022

Creative Coding and Interaction Workshop 

15-16-17 March 2022 at Medrar 

Open call deadline: 6 March 

Medrar for Contemporary Art announces a 3 day workshop around creative coding and motion capture led by artist Aida El-Oweidy. The workshop will explore the PoseNet model of ML5 and its implementation in P5.js to create interactive web experiences. Within the workshop, participants will explore the artistic possibilities of using Posenet, and using only a webcam and the p5 online editor to create a relationship between movement and the screen. 


– Background and/or interest in the arts 

– General knowledge of coding languages and concepts (particularly basics of P5 or processing)

– Participants must have their own computers with working webcams

+ Background in music and digital sound is a plus 

About the instructor: 

Aida El-Oweidy is a visual artist and graphic designer. She is interested in building worlds and the magic that can be found in code. She participated in the Turquoise Desert research bureau in 2020 and her VR experience ‘Stories that sustain us’ was exhibited at Roznama at Medrar contemporary art space in 2021.

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Find useful resources in relation to P5.js: